Your Gateway to Global Flavors

Welcome to USimplySeason, an Amboseli Foods brand, dedicated to bringing the world's flavors to your kitchen. Our mission is simple yet exciting - to spice up your meals with a touch of international zest.



USimplySeason was born from the passion of our founder, Sylvia Kapsandoy, a native of Nairobi, Kenya. Sylvia started selling her unique spice blends on Etsy in 2010 as a hobby. The success of her blends on Amazon in 2013 led her to scale production and find a commercial kitchen. Faced with career shifts and relocation due to company acquisitions, Sylvia decided to fully commit to Amboseli Foods, the parent company of USimplySeason, in 2020. Her partnership with Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program and Kaysville SBDC helped her to strategize and drive significant growth. Today, USimplySeason, under Sylvia's dedicated leadership, is a thriving business. The company also proudly contributes to Kiva, supporting small businesses globally, especially women and farmers in developing countries.



At USimplySeason, we aim to ignite a flavor revolution in kitchens across the globe. Our spice blends are meticulously crafted, inviting you to embark on a guilt-free journey through the world's diverse cuisines. We strive to empower food lovers and home cooks to elevate their dining experiences, making healthier, tastier choices along the way.



We specialize in globally-inspired spice and seasoning blends, superfood ingredients, and condiments. Each product we offer is a passport to a different culinary tradition, ready to transform your meals into international taste adventures.


Social Responsibility

At USimplySeason, we believe in the power of giving back. This is why we have chosen to support Kiva, a global nonprofit organization that facilitates crowdfunded loans to underserved entrepreneurs and small businesses worldwide. We are particularly passionate about supporting women and farmers in developing countries. Through our contributions, we hope to inspire change and help uplift communities around the globe.


Community Involvement

Our dedication to our community is deeply personal. Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has affected the life of our founder Sylvia's sister. We have chosen to take a stand against this disease and make a difference. We proudly contribute 1% of our sales to the MS Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to funding research, driving change through advocacy, facilitating professional education, and providing programs and services to help people with MS. We believe that together, we can create a world free of MS, and every purchase our customers make helps us move one step closer to this goal.