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USimplySeason Flavors of East Africa Bundle - Explore East African Cuisine

USimplySeason Flavors of East Africa Bundle - Explore East African Cuisine

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Introducing the "Flavors of Africa Bundle," a carefully curated collection of premium spices exploring East African flavors. This bundle includes four remarkable USimplySeason spice blends - Berbere, Mitmita, Piri Piri, and Xawaash - each with a unique flavor profile and cooking applications.

  • Exceptional Taste: The "Flavors of Africa Bundle" is designed to provide a sensational culinary experience that will transport you to the heart of East Africa. Each spice blend in this bundle is carefully crafted to deliver an authentic and flavorful taste unique to the region.
  • Versatility: These spice blends are versatile and easy to use in various dishes. Whether you are cooking meat, vegetables, grains, or soups, this bundle offers a range of flavor profiles that enhance any meal.
  • Premium Quality: USimplySeason is known for its high-quality spices, and the Flavors of Africa Bundle is no exception. Each blend is made with the freshest and finest ingredients, ensuring you get the best flavor possible.
  • Thoughtful Gift Idea: This bundle is an excellent gift for foodies and those who enjoy cooking and experimenting with new flavors. It's also an excellent idea for those who want to learn more about the unique taste of East African food.
  • Great Value: The "Flavors of Africa Bundle" offers exceptional value for money as you get four premium spice blends at a discounted price compared to buying them individually. You'll save money while enjoying the best of East African cuisine.

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  • Berbere Spice

    The traditional Ethiopian blend of spices inspires our Berbere. It has a robust flavor combining peppery, smoky, and earthy flavors. It is traditionally used to season lentil stews, and as a rub for chicken and lamb. You can use Ethiopian seasoning in tomato soups and chilies.

  • Mitmita Spice

    Mitmita is a unique and delicious Ethiopian-inspired seasoning for discerning tastes. It's versatile and complex and has a high degree of heat for those who like their food to sizzle! Use as an accompaniment to fish, meat, or poultry dishes to add some extra flavor.

  • Piri Piri Spice

    Piri Piri, also known as Pili Pili, means "hot spice" in Swahili and is popular in Portuguese and African cuisine. Our Piri Piri taste is unmatched! With our unique pepper blend and citrus accent, our Piri Piri spice seasoning is a turbocharged chili powder with deeper, more complex flavors.

  • Xawaash Spice

    Xawaash is an exotic flavor of Somalia, East Africa that's as delicious as it is unique. A savory blend of spices with notes of sweetness, this seasoning is as delectable as it is diverse. This seasoning is delicious on stews, soups, meats, and kebabs.

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