Aromatic Asian Fusion Spice Box

Discover the Aromatic Asian Fusion Spice Box, a thoughtfully curated collection of six spices inspired by the rich and diverse flavors of Asian cuisine.

This beautifully packaged set features a selection of spices from India, China, Thailand, and Japan, perfect for exploring the diverse culinary traditions of the region.

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Here is what is inside the box:

USimplySeason Bengali Five Spice

Aromatic Panch Phoron Seasoning

Bengali Five Spice Blend

A classic Indian blend of five whole spices, perfect for adding depth and flavor to curries, vegetables, and rice dishes.

Bengali Aloo
USimplySeason Chaat Masala Spice Blend

Flavorful Indian Street Food Seasoning

Chaat Masala Spice Blend

A tangy and savory blend that brings the authentic flavors of Indian street food to your kitchen.

Aloo Chaat (Spicy Potato Snack)

Savory and Aromatic Indian Curry Powder Blend

Madras Spice

A robust and fragrant curry blend that brings warmth and complexity to a variety of Indian dishes.

Madras Chicken Curry
Maharajah Curry - USimplySeason


Maharajah Curry

A luxurious and aromatic mix that adds a royal touch to curries, rice dishes, and savory pastries.

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Vadouvan French Curry

Vadouvan Cauliflower Rice

Classic Aromatic Chinese Seasoning

Chinese Five Spice

A classic blend that imparts a complex and balanced flavor to stir-fries, marinades, and meat dishes.

Chinese Five Spice Roasted Chicken

Aromatic All-Purpose Asian Seasoning

Thai Spice Seasoning

A versatile blend of classic Thai flavors, perfect for enhancing stir-fries, curries, and noodle dishes.

Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp

Japanese Seven Spice Blend

Togarashi Shichimi Seasoning

A vibrant Japanese spice mix that adds a burst of flavor and mild heat to grilled meats, seafood, and noodle dishes.

Togarashi Seared Tuna.