USimplySeason Supports MS Awareness Month

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic disease affecting the central nervous system. This cause is close to our hearts because usimplyseason's founder, Sylvia, has a sister who was diagnosed with MS. We're committed to raising awareness about this disease and supporting those it affects. That's why, during the month of March, we are donating $1 from every purchase on our website to National MS Society.

What is MS?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a disease that disrupts communication between the brain and body. The immune system mistakenly attacks the protective covering (myelin) of nerve fibers, causing a range of potential symptoms. Symptoms of MS vary widely from person to person and can include fatigue, vision problems, numbness, and difficulty with balance and coordination.

How You Can Help

Here's how you can make a difference:

  • Shop on our site: Every purchase you make supports MS research and care!
  • Donate Directly: Support National MS Society with a direct donation. 
  • Tell your friends and family: Spread awareness about MS and our MS Awareness Month efforts.